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Perhaps you’re looking for a travel guide, a hotel review or an itinerary, and found yourself here. In any case, let me welcome you with a warm (cyber) hug!

I’m Catherine, the editor-in-chief or Juanderer-in-chief as I’d like to call it, of this website. Unlike other travel bloggers, I did not get to spend the last half decade of my life traveling the world. In my early 20’s I worked my years in the corporate world as a marketer. I have traveled in and out of my home country, the Philippines, for work and rarely for leisure. Nevertheless, I was exposed to different cultures and was introduced to the wonders of traveling solo to somewhere foreign, unknown.

What I am now and have been in the last couple of years is a ‘weekend wanderer.’ I wait for Fridays, holidays, and long weekends. Can you relate? I also plan my leaves carefully, months or even a year ahead. 

My weekend travels are mostly between 3-12 hour drives or flight away from Manila, where I am currently based. When I get lucky, I am able to take a 2-week long vacation off-work and that allows me to do backpacking across 3 countries or more.

Why We Are Juanderers?

The idea for this website was conceived when I was on board a flight to Jakarta. How apt, right? At the time I felt that I needed a new platform to express myself, a creative outlet, to divert my attention from the demands of my day job.

It did not exactly started as wearejuanderers.com. This site have underwent a lot of transformation over the years since it was launched in 2012 and after all the identity crises it went through, it has finally settled with its current name.

I though that I needed a name that can describe the way I travel and identify with me and my constant travel buddies. For others that may find themselves lost, let me break it down here for you.

The John Doe of the Philippines is Juan Dela Cruz. The name is the national personification of the Philippines, a representation of the ‘Filipino everyman.’ A Pinoy is easily referred to as “Juan.” 

We are Juanderers is coined after Filipinos like myself and my peers that love exploration and discovery. We are wanderers, weekend warriors, holiday or long weekend, however you may want to call it. We are always out and about and in this little piece of internet space is where I will be sharing storiestravel guides, hotel and food reviews, also events related to travel.

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The goal of this blog is simple: INFORM, INSPIRE, ENTERTAIN.

Inform &

  • I wish to help you plan your travels with my travel guides, itineraries, and reviews.
  • If you still need the nudge to take that first step toward your dream, then I hope my stories will inspire you.
  • And everytime you feel like you’re in a rut, I encourage you to come back.

Apart from being a creative outlet for me this blog is still all about you. It’s about the journey that each of us takes to reach any destination, be it a travel destination, a path to self-improvement, freedom or anything that you can think of. My purpose is to share valuable information and if I am able to help you in any way, then I am happy.

Let’s start, shall we?

If you’re new here, I suggest you start with the posts below.

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Backpacking Indochina

The plan was to backpack across 4 countries in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is far from the unfamiliar route since there are many who have done it. But the question for us that time was, will backpacking Indochina and crossing borders be easy for a bunch of Filipino passport holders?

El Nido Bacuit Bay from the nest | www.dangwerelost.com

El Nido on a Budget

Contrary to belief of many, a trip to El Nido, Palawan on a budget is possible. A third-world traveler like me was able to do it and so can you.

tagaytay airbnb staycation review | www.wearejuanderers.com

Staycation at Tagaytay Prime Residences

This place is easily becoming a favorite and a default go-to for quiet weekend getaways. And why not, it’s a short drive away from Manila, has everything that you need- good food, fun attractions, spas, outdoor activities, and above all, it’s way colder here compared to the city.

why travel solo | www.dangwerelost.com

Why Travel Solo?

I was 22 and I just got dumped. I had the trip planned months earlier but since we had a “falling out,” all plans were forgotten. That time I believed I was left with two options: a. wallow in sorrow some more or b. move on a.k.a. independence a.k.a solo trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.