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Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya

Laiya, Batangas is one of my family’s official go-to place for short weekend vacations to escape our busy lives in Manila. We usually go with the kids so it is important that the resort is kid-friendly- safe and has the amenities to keep little tots busy.

One of the resorts that we frequent there is Blue Coral Beach Resort. By private transportation it takes around 2 hours or 3 if you are not familiar with the place. There are other resorts along this stretch in Laiya but Blue Coral has the cleanest beach and a wide shoreline.


The sands in the beaches of Laiya is creamy brown not as fine and white compared to the white beaches of Boracay or Calaguas, but the people of Batangas have thankfully kept theirs clean. The water is clear and at most times calm which makes it very ideal for kayaking and snorkeling.

We were welcomed by very accommodating staff of the resort. They even offered us a trolley and helped us move our stuff to the room.

Close to the reception is the resort’s welcome arc, a beautiful landscape and a short bridge that leads to the adults and children’s swimming pools. I love that they have plants, coconuts and colorful trees all over the resort.



The rooms are kept clean and they are not very strict with the headcount. Or maybe we were just lucky we weren’t caught. We booked a family room for six pax but we were actually 10 in the group. We were on a day tour only anyway and barely stayed inside.

They have family rooms fronting the beach and more rooms near the pool. The cheapest room is at around 5,000 pesos. We got ours at 7,000 pesos but included in the package were morning and afternoon snacks plus lunch. We didn’t know, because if we had known we wouldn’t have brought our own food. Good thing is, the staff didn’t charge us any corkage fees. And for the record, we didn’t sneak our baon inside the resort. 🙂




You might want to bring your own food because our experience with their food was really below our expectations. They have a huge dining area, but sadly, not clean. The area where we sat for our first meal stinks and there were flies all around. It was a huge open space. Food was not that good either. There are cottages in the beach and we decided to eat the rest of our meals there.


The rate mentioned above is just for the room. Note that they also charge an entrance fee per head. You also have to prepare smaller bills or change for the tourist/environmental fee just right after you enter Laiya. If I remember right, it is 25 pesos per head, including children.

Activities that you can enjoy are snorkeling, kayaking and banana boating. They also have facilities for other sports like volleyball, a kiddie sized pool and a playground for kids.


Blue Coral Beach Resort also has a big parking lot. Unless they are fully booked then I don’t think you will have any problem with parking.

We booked our rooms directly with the resort staff and completed the transactions over email. We paid half via credit card and paid the rest when we got there. I don’t understand why they aren’t in Agoda. I usually do my room reservations through this site because I find cheaper room rates plus I have access to reviews, user-submitted images all in one page. Oh well, if you need to check other feedback on the resort I suggest you check out here.

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