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A Coastal Escape: Pico de Loro, Nasugbu

Pico de Loro Cove is a 40-hectare “Residential Resort Village” and is the first development in the “Premier Sustainable Coastal Resort Town” of Hamilo Coast.  Hamilo Coast is an expansive 5,900 hectare property located in Nasugbu Batangas with 13 coves, a 31 kilometer coastline, rich marine life and abundant flora and fauna. 

Entrance to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club | www.wearejuanderers.com

We have heard of this hidden cove in Nasugbu for a quite a few years already although we never tried to visit since  we have assumed it is exclusive to its resort members only. Not until recently, when we learned of available rental properties that are privately-owned and managed by its members.

Before we proceed I want you to note that there are 2 ways to book an accommodation here. One is with Pico Sands Hotel and the other is via club members that rent out their condo units to guests. We went with the latter option as it is much cheaper than booking with the hotel. We also found various options for us that were travelling as a big group. 

As basis, the hotel charges around Php7,000 per room that can accommodate 2 persons. By booking with a club member we were presented with various options. We found a condo unit that was big enough to accommodate 12 adults for around Php12k. 

With that, bear in mind that this post will recount our experiences with booking with a club member and staying at their condominium unit and NOT with Pico Sands Hotel. 


We left Manila at 5am on a Friday for Nasugbu. The plan was to take the Ternate route passing Kaybiang Tunnel up to Pico de Loro. It can take around 2 hours if you leave early and avoid the traffic in Cavite or Tagaytay or you’re going to take that route. 

There are 2 popular routes to get there:

One is via Tagaytay – Nasugbu and the other is via Ternate – Nasugbu. We decided to drive via Ternate for a change of scenery, since we haven’t driven to Kaybiang Tunnel yet and at the same time to avoid morning traffic. 

Here’s the view just right after Kaybiang Tunnel exit.

View on the way up to Pico de Loro | www.wearejuanderers.com

The resort and facilities

Since the condo unit is owned privately by a club member, we met with their caretaker at the country club for registration and for the wristbands. We also met with the member representative that will accompany us to the member-only pool and beach. We were lucky to book a unit that offers these member-only perks. 

If you are booking your accommodation with a club member, ask them if you can get member-only perks as well. These include access to the member-only pool and beach.  To get these perks you only not need the wristbands but you have to be accompanied by the club member whenever you will be swimming at the exclusive pool and beach.  It can be quite a hassle because you might need to wait for the representative member to arrive before you can swim at these places, but there are way fewer guests here. There are more fishes at the exclusive part of the beach too. You’ll be swimming with the fishes even at shallow waters near the shore.

Pico de Loro beach | www.wearejuanderers.com

Check in at the unit was at 2pm but you can enter the club as early as 8am. We left everything first inside the car and by 9am we were already swimming at the beach and the pool.   Getting around is easy since there are free shuttle rides although you can walk if you prefer that because the shuttle stops at every building. There’ a restaurant at the country club but we didn’t try it because we brought our own food. The condo unit was fully-furnished and cooking was allowed inside. Also, transactions inside the club are cashless, you may use their cash card or pay credit/debit card.  Tip: You can use your SM Advantage card here.  There are two pools- one at the country club that are more kid-friendly. There’s a slide near the lagoon and pool depths vary. The second is at the member-only area where there are fewer people swimming at the same time.

Private pool at Pico de Loro | www.wearejuanderers.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring food?

Yes and there is no corkage fee. Other condo unit owners, however, do not allow cooking inside so it is best to check with them first.

Do I need a car?

Not necessarily. There’s a free shuttle service inside the resort.

Is there a driver’s/helper’s quarter?

There is and the fee is Php600/night per person.

How much is the entrance fee?

We paid the following: Php1200/hd for adults and Php400/hd for children ages 4 and above. There are however, other listings online that charge only Php800/adult. I suggest you double check this with your host.

What are the activities that I can do for free?

Access to the pool country club is free as well as the main beach. The use of badminton court and ping pong tables are free too.

How about the other amenities?

Some of the paid amenities include:
Karaoke – Php1000/hr for 4 persons
Bowling – I think it was around 350/hd per game
Kiddie playground – 450/hd for kids ages 7 and below
Billiards, basketball, video game room, Jetski, Kayak, cove tour and a lot others.

What are the wristbands for?

Wristbands are worn upon registry at the country club. These are also color-coded and they change everyday. Before you head out in the morning to do your activities, remember to change wristbands or you might be refused entry at some places.

How to pay for transactions inside the resort?

Most of the establishments there do cashless transactions. You either use a cash card or credit/debit card.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a little summary of pros and cons to help you. Again, note that this applies to accommodations at their condo units.


  • Ideal for quick weekend relaxation.
  • Travel time takes around 2hrs only from Metro Manila.
  • The place is huge, quiet and calming.
  • Everything is available inside the resort: food, convenience store, sports facilities, gym, entertainment, massage, pool and beach.
  • Tons of activities for every age group.
  • Food and drinks are allowed with no corkage fee.
  • There’s free shuttle service.
  • The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable except for some at the country club.
Country Club swimming pool | www.wearejuanderers.com


  • Exploring the locality is a challenge because the resort is too secluded.
  • Can be too expensive for smaller groups.
  • Transactions can be quite a hassle to some without credit cards.
  • Fees for water activities and entertainment facilities are overpriced.
View of the lagoon from the condo | www.wearejuanderers.com

How to book

As for the condo units I have booked ours on Airbnb. I booked the condo unit of the doctor to celebrities, Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan. Lol. it was not because they’re popular but their listing is actually very affordable.

The unit is also fully-furnished. Kitchwenware, utensils, beddings are all provided. I also have to say that we are very happy with their staff from pre-trip preparations with Elmer, with caretaker Eva and member representative Cris. They were very accommodating, approachable and kind.  I recommend you stay with them as I have experienced good service and I have nothing but good feedback for their group. But if your dates are no longer available (they get fully-booked quite fast) I’m sure you’ll find other options. Here’s how I made the booking. 

  1. Login to Airbnb. If you are not registered yet, you can use this link to save Php1600 off your first booking.
  2. Once logged in you can search for accommodations in Pico de Loro or check this listing: Dr. Manny and Pie’s condo- this is the same unit where we stayed at.
  3. Key in your travel details: dates, number of guests, etc.
  4. If your travel dates are no longer available, just scroll further down to find other listings in he area. Or do another search for Pico de Loro listings.
  5. Pay for your booking. Airbnb accepts credit/debit cards.

Alternatively, you can check your travel dates’ availability at Pico Sands Hotel here.

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Pico de Loro Nasugbu Review | www.wearejuanderers.com
Pico de Loro Review | www.wearejuanderers.com

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