Casa Almarenzo, Bolinao Pangasinan

Hotels Must Take their Cues from this B&B in Pangasinan

I’m talking about Casa Almarenzo Bed & Breakfast in Bolinao.

Casa Almarenzo is a small resort located at the western-tip of Pangasinan and they are relatively new in the business. It was initially intended to serve as a family rest house whenever the owners wanted to escape the city jungle but there were countless inquiries on rent and booking from friends and other people they didn’t know, and that is where it all started. In the year 2013 the owners finally opened their private abode to the public.

Where is it located?

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About 5-hour drive from Manila and around an hour drive from Hundred Islands port

The experience
I had the chance to stay in the resort for one night when my family decided to explore Hundred Islands for a day tour. What made us choose this resort?

  • Pretty images of their infinity pool found on the web
  • Spacious rooms with several beds to accommodate our big group
  • Very kid-friendly (kiddie pool and playground)
  • Free use of most of their facilities (read: kitchen)
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Outstanding reviews from users of Agoda and TripAdvisor (check out the comments from these sites and you’ll see replies of the resort’s General Manager)


Casa Almarenzo Pool

Where an apology is due
We were welcomed with news that the room we chose had a double booking and the other guests who booked the same room as ours came in earlier, so it was given to them. We made the booking directly with the hotel staff and the other party did theirs via Agoda. It was either the hotel or Agoda did not inform the other or the information was simply overlooked.

The caretaker at that point was very apologetic but remained on top of things. Luckily, the only available room left at the time can accommodate a big group so we agreed to just transfer and forget about the booking mix-up.

Special requests
It was late afternoon when we arrived and we were not able to stop on our way to the hotel to buy food. The caretaker was very kind he offered to run to the nearest public market just before it closes for the night to buy for us. He even cooked it and did a special table setup for my family.

Breakfast the following day is also a different story. There was even a wake up call; a staff came in to inform us that breakfast was ready. We were not expecting it at all. We had other special requests for breakfast and the staff gladly provided everything. During our short stay they allowed us to use a long table they have outside whereas other guests stayed in the house kitchen to eat.

Caretaker of Casa Almarenzo

When it was time to leave we were presented with a list of what was bought in the market the previous night and boy, was it detailed. From the number of kilos down to the cuts of meat and other stuff they bought for us to make the meal special, everything was listed down. We appreciate the honesty and effort of the staff to provide excellent service to their guests.

Would I consider going back?
There’s a possibility. I just wish they fix the doorknobs, make the bathrooms bigger and improve their wireless internet.


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