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Puerto Pension Review

For my 4 days and 3 nights stay in Puerto Princesa, I decided to book my accommodation at Puerto Pension mainly because I was lured at the very homey feel of the place. Even just by looking at pictures in their website and reviews of other travelers made me feel enticed to try out their amenities.

Puerto Pension is conveniently located at Malvar St., a 10 minute ride away from the airport if there is no heavy traffic (which very rarely happens at Puerto Princesa). Another thing that made me consider this is the security of the place. Since I was traveling solo and being the petite little girl that I am, I had to research more on this aspect. Puerto Pension is owned by a fellow Filipino and has been standing for a few decades already. Most of their guests are foreigners, maybe like me, they were also attracted to the very native and Filipino concept of the place.

Booking was a breeze. I just emailed them one night and received their rate cards the next day. After a few more questions from my end, my booking was confirmed. All transactions were made over email. Just check their website for the email address or if you prefer, you can also call them. Numbers are available on their website as well.

The expected time of my arrival at Puerto Princesa was at around 8 AM. There were no reminders prior to this so I was a bit worried if somebody from the hotel would be there to pick me up. But as soon as I exited the airport, there were loads of locals holding placards with different names on it and it didn’t take long for me to spot my name. The placard was held by a guy and to make it more easier, he was wearing a polo shirt with the name of Puerto Pension on it. I was then led to a big white van and off we went to Puerto Pension.

Puerto Pension review | dangwerelost.com
Just after the reception is a mini bar

I was welcomed by two sweet receptionists wearing Filipiniana. Really, they were wearing Filipiniana that one summer day and they also wore it the next day and the next day after that! Anyway, they couldn’t believe that I was traveling alone and we had a little chat while I was enjoying the welcome drinks. I also asked them to book my tour packages. You can actually do this by the way, no need to worry about booking your tours ahead because you can simply ask your hotel to help you out.

The single room was quite smaller than expected but I’ve no complains. I only needed a room to sleep in and change clothes in between tours and exploring the city. The room is complete with its own bathroom, air-condition, a small fridge, cable TV, and a dresser. Wi-Fi is also available for free. Rate per day for this room is at around 900 pesos.

Puerto Pension review | dangwerelost.com
Restaurant at the rooftop

Puerto Pension also has its own restobar at the roof deck offering their guests with the view of the bay – which is, by the way, a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Foods served are mostly Filipino dishes along with few International dishes as well. They are open until 10 PM or as long as there are still guests dining or drinking. Food is so-so. I suggest you take your complimentary breakfast at the hotel and eat somewhere else for lunch and dinner.

Room service is available at all times, though they do not automatically change towels everyday. You have to ask or remind them to do so. A telephone is also available inside the room with a list of local numbers so you can easily reach whoever you want to call. The staff of the hotel also never fails to remind you of your scheduled tours and would offer advice readily if you need it.

The hotel also have “jumbo jeepneys” which they use sometimes for their guests. And I was lucky to be able to ride the jeep on the way back to the airport during my last day of stay. It’s huge and it’s air-conditioned!

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