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Traveller@SG Hostel Review

On my recent trip to Singapore my companions chose to stay at a backpackers hostel to save on expenses. We booked for three days at Traveller@SG that was near Lavender station. The experiences I recount here are based on my short stay at the hostel and you have to note that it is still the only backpackers hostel that I’ve tried so far. And so, my observations may only hold true here and possibly,  for other backpacker hostels in Singapore.


Here’s the facade of the building. You have to take the stairs on the right side. 

This particular hostel is already quite famous among backpackers because it’s run by the same management who owns Backpackers @ SG. The latter was operating for years before the former was built and both are also found in the same building.

My friend managed to reserve us 3 beds from an 8-pax capacity mixed dorm . All of us were females by the way. By the time we arrived we were informed that we are sharing the room with 4 other girls and 1 guy. What we failed to ask was until when the other girls were staying. So onto the second night we got surprised when we came home to find 5 men soundly asleep (I judge by their snores). Yes, snores.


I think I slept the longest and most interrupted three hours of my life. It was quite an experience.

Another thing we observed is that most of them only stay for one night . Backpackers who are mostly foreigners stay longer whereas fellow Asians only stay for a night. There’s also another group- not backpackers nor leisure travelers, we don’t know which group to place them but I’m taking a guess these are people on business travel.

The hostel have common bathrooms. On each floor there are 3 toilets and 2 shower rooms and it rarely gets occupied all at the same time. There’s body wash and hand soap dispensers on each cubicle and oh, they have hair dryers.

Breakfast is free for all but only until 10AM or until supplies last. There’s water dispenser so you can bring your own water bottles and refill. (You can’t ask for a glass of water when you eat out, it’s not free on most establishments.)


Here’s the lounge nearest the reception.

They have laptops available at the lounge and charging areas. You can use all the facilities just pay attention if somebody is waiting for his turn on the laptop. There is wi-fi, of course.

If you stay there, there’s a fat chance you’ll meet the same guy we met at the reception, Jerome. He’s got great English accent but he is a Filipino. He’s been our go-to information resource guy who taught us which buses to take.

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